TBM's mission is "Bridging today and the future we want." We put sustainability at the core of our management, and will continue to take on the challenge of solving environmental and social issues. Together with our customers and business partners, we will create and expand values, systems, and technologies that lead to a sustainable environment, society, and economy through businesses such as LIMEX and material circulation.

CEO Message

The company name TBM stands for “Times Bridge Management”. I wanted to start a business that will be inherited hundreds of years and contribute to the happiness of people. Globally, climate change and resource depletion are rapidly becoming more serious as the world's population increases and living standards rise. In order to contribute to the mitigation and resolution of these problems, TBM will promote the spread of the new material LIMEX, which is its founding business, and will also work on businesses that promote the material circulation such as waste plastics.
TBM aims to realize a "Sustainability Revolution" with the mission of "Bridging today and the future we want.". We will strive to continue to be needed by society in the future by creating businesses that balance ecology and economy, and by becoming an organization that respects diversity.

Nobuyoshi Yamazaki

TBM Compass

Our Mission, Vision, and Values are named “TBM Compass” in 2020. it serves as a basis for each person’s decisions.

TBM Compass (only in Japanese)
Interview of the editorial team (only in Japanese)

TBM Pledge 2030

"TBM Pledge 2030" was sent as an ambitious goal for the realization of TBM's mission “Bridging today and the future we want". Thes is the pledge to articulate our out-of-the-box challenge  not constrained by the common sense of today. We believe backcasting from this pledge will allow us to accelerate our business.

TBM Pledge 2030

Vision Book

Based on TBM Compass and TBM Pledge 2030, TBM's thoughts, activities, and systems are summarized in the "Vision Book". Information on TBM's first value creation process, TBM's approach illustrating the relationship between LIMEX and CircleX, and governance is also posted. (issued in January 2022)

Vision Book (only in Japanese)