Frequently Asked Questions

What can LIMEX be used for?

LIMEX can be used for mainly 2 types of applications. Firstly, "LIMEX Pellet", which can alternate with inflation molding products and injection molding products such as shopping bags, cosmetic packages, and more. Secondly, "LIMEX Sheet" can alternate with paper products such as menu books and posters by being printed.Also, LIMEX Sheet can alternate with thin plastic packages such as food containers by being thermoformed.

Can LIMEX be decomposed in the natural environment such as the ocean and soil?

Currently LIMEX products do not decompose in the natural environment. However, we are developing biodegradable LIMEX in collaboration with partner companies. Please contact us through the inquiry form.

What is the difference between LIMEX masterbatch and conventional calcium carbonate masterbatch?

One of the uniquenesses of LIMEX masterbatch compared to conventional calcium carbonate masterbatch is its uniform dispersion. Due to a high uniform dispersion rate, the quality of the products can be raised or the addition of more calcium carbonate is an option while ensuring the same level of quality.

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