Last updated: June 7, 2023

LIMEX products

LIMEX materials are currently used by more than 10,000* companies and local governments for booklets, bags, food containers, stationery, toys, household goods, packaging, labels and many more. 

*As of November 2022, including the number of registered offices

Examples of LIMEX Pellet molded products

Plastic bags/shopping bags

It can be used at retail stores

Food container

Refrigerator and microwave safe

Drinking cup

Suitable for both cold and hot drinks

Clothes hanger

Can be used in apparel, hotels, etc.


Ideal for comapny novelty

Hand fan

Ideal for comapny novelty

Cosmetic container

It has a luxurious feel and a solid feeling


Ideal for shampoo or spray bottle

Building materials

High-strength construction materials

Examples of LIMEX Sheet products

Document file

The price range is about the same as PP document files

Business card

100 business cards per case protects 10 liters of water

Booklets (pamphlets, photo books, etc.)

Ideal for CSR reports, etc.

Promotional POP

No need for lamination or PP film processing

Table menu

No need for lamination or PP film processing


Water resistant and ideal for gift boxes


Ideal for outdoor advertisements, etc.

Backlit film

Ideal for restaurant signboards


Water-proof, can be used in multipul places


Ideal for outdoor use such as events and hazard maps

Mask case

Antibacterially treated, making it ideal for novelty items

Price tag

Can be used in multiple retail stores

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