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Production Sites

With our LIMEX factory and recycling plant
we will contribute to realizing a ciruclar economy.

LIMEX Factory

We have two LIMEX factory in Japan. The first pilot plant is located in Shiroishi
and the second mass-production site is in Tagajo, Miyagi prefecture.
Both factory recieved financial support from Japan's Ministry of Economy,
Trade and Industry as Miyagi prefecture was hit by the Great East Japan Earthquake that
happened in 2011 and needed to recover from the disaster.

Shiroishi Factory

Location: Otakasawa-misawamaewa 55,
Shiroishi, Miyagi 989-0213, JAPAN
Site Area: 10,510㎡
Production capacity: 6,000 ton / year

Tagajo Factory

Location: 117-13, Ipponyanagi Yawata,
Tagajo-shi, Miyagi, 985-0000, JAPAN
Site Area: 27,500m²
Production capacity: 23,000 ton / year

Global Expansion with OEM partners

Together with our partners, we have started to produce and supply LIMEX globally. By expanding fabless overseas production, we will improve price competitiveness and deliver LIMEX with speed.

Material Recycling Plant

We are constructing one of the largest recycling plants in Japan with the latest technology of automatic identification and sorting of LIMEX and general plastic wastes, to recycle them into pellets. The new recycling plant is planned to start its operation from fall 2022, in Yokosuka city, Kanagawa prefecture.

With the establishment of this recycling plant, TBM drives forward the reduction of natural resource consumption and accelerate the usage of LIMEX products to contribute to a sustainable economy.

Yokosuka Recycling Plant

Location: Part of 58-8 Shinmeicho,
Yokosuka City, Kanagawa Prefecture
Site area: 13,693.50m²
Building floor area: 7,859.85m²
Processing capacity: 40,000t/year
Production volume: 24,000t/year
Start of operation: Fall of 2022 (planned)