With Japanese Technology,
We will make the Planet Better.

LIMEX a new material achieved with Japanese Technology.
Paper and plastics alternatives,
If LIMEX replaces these widely used two materials, many things will be saved.
The mission of LIMEX - made from limestone -

A future not relying on petroleum The Japanese industry has been dependent on petroleum energy,  and still we import almost all the petroleum. Replacing petroleum to limestone by using LIMEX we can contribute to a sustainable industrial model independent from petroleum.
Protecting our water resources Population increase will lead to increase in total water consumption deepening the water-shortage problems. Making 1 ton of paper requires 100 tons of water, 1 ton of LIMEX is made without using any water. If 5% of the current paper is replaced by LIMEX, we will be able to cover 220 million people's minimum water quantity required for a living. A change we can make to save the water resouces by using LIMEX.
Attention From the World LIMEX receiving high attention from all over the world, especially from countries facing serious water shortage. Normally paper plants are built along water coasts as plenty of water is required, but LIMEX plants can be built in-land in places/countries facing water shortage and currently relying on paper import like the Middle East. LIMEX has filed for patent all over the world. We will export a new business infrastructure a Made in Japan-Local production, Local consumption and Recycling Model by using LIMEX.
Leaving Fertile Forests Japan heavily relies on wood import for the paper we consume. Deforestation the size of a baseball field is said to be occurring every 10 minutes in the world. By using LIMEX-paper made of limestone- we can protect our valuable forests.