LIMEX is a new material mainly made from limestone, that can become an alternative to polyethylene and polypropylene films and sheets, and products made by injection, vacuum, and inflation molding. As plastic waste has become to be regarded as a problem all over the world, 3R (Reduce, Reuse, Recycle) has been promoted as countermeasures against environmental pollution by such waste. Among them, LIMEX is a product that facilitates "Reduce" and "Recycle.”
  • reduce
  • recycle

From the viewpoint of "Reduce," since limestone is used as the main raw material, the amount of plastic used to make the products can be greatly reduced. From the viewpoint of “Recycle,” taking advantage of the high recycling efficiency of LIMEX realized by using limestone, an inorganic substance, as the main raw material, TBM has begun initiatives to “upcycle” post-use printed material (paper alternative LIMEX products) and plastic alternative LIMEX products into value-added plastic alternative LIMEX products.

Characteristics of LIMEX plastic products
Extreme Cost Reduction

High quality but cost reducing as Limestone is much cheaper than petroleum.

Contribute to Company's Image Improvement

By using LIMEX plastic product, recycling charge under the Japan Containers and Packaging Recycling Law can be avoided. Thus reduces costs even more.

Contribute to Company's Image Improvement

By using LIMEX plastics, it will lead to company's environment friendly image.

LIMEX sheet contribute to water shortage and deforestation matters,
also LIMEX plastic contribute to the problem from petroleum resources and Microplastic.
LIMEX will expand each area and market in order to change the future.

Biodegradable LIMEX - the world needs it.
Today more and more countries are banning the use of petroleum-based plastic items such as boxes and dishes. As of today LIMEX is made primarily from limestone and partly from Polyolefin resin. In order to prevent further micro plastic issues from happening TBM is currently developing biodegradable LIMEX, made from 100% biodegradable materials; limestone and bio-based materials.