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Voices from Shiroishi Plant and Tagajo Plant

Shiroishi Plant

Shift Leader | 4 years at TBM
In these five years after the Shiroishi Plant started its operation, there have been various changes in how I perceive the production of LIMEX. I have faced a number of challenges and it sometimes made me almost give up. Nevertheless, I have repeatedly made trial, error, and improvement with the team members until now. The impressions of the last five years may differ for each member such as “already 5 years” or “still only 5 years”, however, both members and our products have certainly made progress.

We are still halfway through our journey; each one of us will strive to create better products with the mission and responsibility of creating LIMEX.
General Affairs | 6 years at TBM
When the Shiroishi Plant started its operation, the number of members was only a dozen or so. After experiencing two shifts work and three shifts work, we now have more than three times the number of members working at the Plant now. As a member in charge of general affairs, I have been working to create an environment where members working together can work safely and with peace of mind. The mission of “creating new materials '' seemed quite grand at the time, but LIMEX, which started with sheet products, began transforming into various products, such as bags and containers, and with the progress of LIMEX, I feel members are growing.

In addition to creating a better environment, I actively communicate with members to build trust. I think that by listening to each other's stories, empathizing with each other, and sharing their worries and thoughts besides work, I can get closer to the operators. Starting with greetings when I meet members, I strive to be someone to whom members can talk about any trivial matters.

(As of 2020)

Tagajo Plant

Manufacturing Manager | 2 years at TBM
I am currently involved in the start-up of the Tagajo Plant after undergoing pre-training at the Shiroishi Plant.
Through the daily PDCA activities, I challenge myself with the desire to provide better LIMEX to the world, not just build out a better factory. As a manager overseeing manufacturing at the Tagajo Plant, I always have in mind the idea of ”safety first, and building a base to expand LIMEX to the world as the Team Tagojo” which is the most important thing in bringing together leaders and operators.
Currently, the Tagajo Plant is steadily preparing to start full-scale production after construction. With "safety first" in mind, the members of the Tagajo Plant will work together to develop a good foundation of manufacturing and continue to move forward step by step to expand LIMEX to the world. I am looking forward to sharing the joy with the team by bringing the new option, LIMEX, all over the world. The Tagajo Plant will never stop till that day.

Production Engineer | 1 year at TBM
I have worked on solving environmental and waste issues since I was a university student. For me, TBM's vision is the future vision that I truly want to realize. I want to be a part of the sustainability revolution with TBM. With that in mind, I joined TBM.

The Tagajo Plant, which I am involved in as a production engineer, is still in the start-up phase. But the plant is developed to be a model plant for the global expansion of LIMEX. I feel the great expectations from many stakeholders and responsibilities as a TBM member. “How can we efficiently manufacture high-quality products?” This is the question I am facing together with the operators and we are repeating hypothesis testing. I feel that we are steadily approaching our ideal.

(As of May 2021)