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TBM and Social activity

Voices of the members from the Shiroishi Plant

The bonds among members
Job: Operation, First year joining TBM, Age: 20s
My senior told me once, "The probability of encountering with the people in front of you is as low as that of where you can find out small pieces of the sand on your thumbnail after putting your hand into the sand beach and then taking your hand from that." Since then, I have always treasured every person that I’ve met. And I treasure people who I build a bond with.

However, since humans have emotions, it is inevitable for problems to occur sometimes. You might get betrayed or lose trust in someone. I learnt how to prevent this by taking a decent distance and how to treat issues.

However, I feel connected as a team with the people in this factory. We cultivate trust and bonds through our day-to-day operation. I am lucky to have these people around me. They are all friendly, genuine and motivated. We wouldn’t have the same working environment if it wasn’t for every one of the members and our teamwork. For example, our success at the EXPO Milano 2015 would not have been achieved without any one of us.

I am hoping that such a culture of trust and bond is passed on to the second factory too.
LIMEX for the people all over the world
Job: Operator, First year joining TBM, Age: 30s
At the moment, the reality is far different from the vision that I had “LIMEX for all people around the world” when I came into the factory. But I know that even hope would disappear if I throw that vision away that vision of mine. In order to achieve that dream, we must get through this reality first.

I have a strong determination to make my vision a reality. This is the reason I work at the factory despite the worries. I have been working only for a year or so at the factory, but I am confident that both me as a person and the LIMEX product has improved over the year.

I appreciate our factory manager's efforts despite his busy schedule. He takes time to teach us new knowledge and insights every day. I want to live up to his expectation.

For our partners who support us as well as for everyone in the factory, I will work my hardest to improve the quality of LIMEX.
Every step you take is your future.
Job: Office work, First year joining TBM, Age: 20s
When the Great East Japan Earthquake occurred, I frequently heard the word, 'bond' and saw people of all ages helping both people they know and strangers with a kind heart. From this experience, I realized that such cooperation builds trust among people. They can rely on one another when they are in trouble.

I think the same goes for when you work in an institution such as for a company. Similar inter-personal skills are necessary for a workplace. If you act as you like and not cooperate with others, they will not like to work with you. Making efforts to achieve goals and accomplishing something together is important to unite a team. Helping each other is also very important to build trust in a team.

Trust is not gained overnight. I think helping each other every day will build strong trust in the team.