How we perceive sustainability
TBM recognizes the environmental and social impacts that our business activities have on local communities. Under our corporate vision, “Utilizing the past to build a future, a circular- and sustainability-oriented innovation that prolongs for 100 years and beyond.” we will strive to fulfill responsibilities as a corporate citizen through our LIMEX products and business activities.

In particular, we will strategically pursue sustainability activities based on the prioritized issues for our business and stakeholders.

We have developed the Code of Conduct to secure ethical behaviors with integrity as a foundation of our sustainability activities. By abiding by the Code, we aim for a sustainable development of our business and society together.
Sustainability Management Structure
To realize our corporate philosophy and a sustainable development of society, a discussion on sustainability regarding products as well as on the business operation as a whole was held, in parallel to the launch of the operation of our first plant in February 2015; Shiroishi Plant in Miyagi Prefecture.

To carry out our activities in a planned and systematic manner, we have inaugurated a CSR/Sustainability Committee in June of 2016.
The committee consists of 4 members with the CEO being the head, one person in charge from the Corporate Planning Division, Sustainability Accelerator from the Corporate Communication Division, and an invited external advisor who is knowledgeable in the field of sustainability.
Definition of Sustainability at TBM
To realize our corporate vision, we strive to achieve both profitability and environmental wellness by emphasizing the concept of “Sustainability”. We define “Sustainability” as activities that make both the business, stakeholders, and society sustainable by considering the environmental, social and economic aspects.