Leadership Team

Founder and CEO (Chief Executive Officer)
Nobuyoshi Yamasaki

Brief Summary of Personal History

Nobuyoshi Yamasaki founded a Car Dealership at 20, which was the start of his career as an entrepreneur and successfully set up several businesses then after. In his 30s he set up TBM (Times Bridge Management) as he rose to challenge to set up a trillion yen size global company that contributes to the happiness of men even after 100 years, and to build a bridge to the future generations.

He received 'Reconstruction Award' of Japan New Business Awards in 2014, "Special Award" of Job Creation Awards in 2015 and 'Great East Japan Earthquake Reconstruction Award' of Japan Venture Awards in 2016.

His Writings

“Science of Paper”

Dr. Yuichiro Sumi

Brief Summary of Personal History

1989 Managing Director of Sanyo Kokusaku Pulp Industry Co., Ltd.
1993 Managing Director of Nippon Paper Industries Co., Ltd.
2011 Director of TBM Co., Ltd.
2014 Chairman of Board of Directors of TBM Co., Ltd.

Director, COO (Chief Operating Officer)
Koji Sakamoto

Brief Summary of Personal History

1990 Joined ITOCHU Corporation
2007 President and Representative Director of Excite Japan Co., Ltd.
2012 Corporate Officer (Consumer Business) of Yahoo Japan Corporation
2013 President of YAHUOKU! Company of Yahoo Japan Corporation
2014 President of YJ America, Inc.
2016 Outside Director of TBM Co., Ltd.
2018 Director of TBM Co., Ltd.

Kenji Fukahori

Brief Summary of Personal History

1993 Joined The Dai-Ichi Kangyo Bank,Ltd. (current Mizuho Bank, Ltd. )
2001 Joined Mizuho Securities Co., Ltd. Investment Bank
2010 Registered Lawyer, Japan Federation of Bar Associations
2010 Joined Yaesu Sogo Law Office
2013 Auditor of Daiya Tsusho Co.,Ltd.
2014 Auditor of TBM Co., Ltd.
2016 Director of TBM Co., Ltd.

Takashi Kobayashi

Brief Summary of Personal History

1994 Joined KYOCERA Corp.
1996 Joined Akiya Accounting firm
1999 President of BLUE GIRAFFE Inc.
2013 Director of TBM Co., Ltd.

External Director
Tadato Kataji

Brief Summary of Personal History

1993 Joined Nomura Securities Co., Ltd.
2000 Director of HTC Co., Ltd. Investing Manager of Venture Capital
2004 Joined Japan Lep Co., Ltd (Goodman Japan Co., Ltd) and started Asset Management Business
2006 IPO of Japan Lep Cp., Ltd as CEO of the company
2009 Inauguration of CEO of RIC Management Co., Ltd.
2010 President of Eco-Hai Co., Ltd.
2013 Director of TBM Co., Ltd.

External Director
Minoru Sugimori

Brief Summary of Personal History

1996 President of ISHIZUE Corp.
2014 Director of TBM Co., Ltd.

Before setting up the ISHIZUE Corp. Minoru Sugimori was experienced a wide and deep career by working at an advertising agency, construction company and real estate company for many years. Offering the best solutions to his clients, ranging from real estate matters to market research, product planning, concept making, designing, advertising, opening and marketing strategies. Headquarter in Kyoto and holds branches in Tokyo and Osaka.
He ranked 11 of the 'TOP 150 Vigorous Local Company Ranking' in DIAMOND, a famous weekly business magazine. He elected from about 3 million local companies, excluding companies from Tokyo, Osaka, Chiba, Saitama and Kanagawa. (DIAMOND No.104 (2015.12.26/2016.01.02 new year's big issue).

Full-time Corporate Auditor
Koichi Kato

Brief Summary of Personal History

1988 Joined Recruit Co., Ltd.
2000 First time elected as a representative in the general election of the members of the House of Representatives
2009 Appointed as Senior Vice-Minister of Justice
2010 Appointed as Special Adviser to the Prime Minister
2011 Appointed as Member of the Japanese National Commission for UNESCO
2016 Auditor of TBM Co., Ltd.

Part-time Corporate Auditor
Masaru Mizuno

Brief Summary of Personal History

1961 Joineding Marubeni Co., Ltd.
1999 Vice President of Marubeni Co., Ltd.
2007 Chairman of the Board of Pasona Co., Ltd.( until 2011)
2013 Director of TBM Co., Ltd.
2014 Auditor of TBM Co., Ltd.

Corporate Officer, CSO (Chief Strategic Officer)
Taichi Yamaguchi

Brief Summary of Personal History

Taichi Yamaguchi joined Fuji Xerox Co., Ltd. and was responsible for new businesses in the Production Service Sales Division. Then after joined PricewaterhouseCoopers co., Ltd., carrying out due diligence, planning and executing business recovery plans, supporting negotiation with financial institutions, forming and executing growth strategies in the Business Recovery Services Group.

After moving to the Deal Advisory Group, he was project manager for various cross-border M&A transactions and PMI( Post Merger Integration) projects.

He joined TBM Co., Ltd in September 2015. Currently engaged in drawing up business strategies, business plans and capital policy and project managing the new plant in the Corporate Planning Division.

Corporate Officer, CMO (Chief Marketing Officer)
Takayuki Sasaki

Brief Summary of Personal History

Takayuki Sasaki joined Dentsu Inc. and worked in the Creating the Future Group,. striving to breakthrough and reviving management's and company's business matters with 'ideas'. He worked as a Chief Planner to develop new business and new products, to plan and produce new stores with marketing as a starting point. Also a member of Dentsu Communication Institute Inc. B Team.

He won MVP Award and semi-MVP Award at the Dentsu Inc. Solution Division's Best Practices Forum. He joined TBM Co., Ltd in April 2016. Senior Researcher of Keio Research Institute at SFC.

Corporate Officer
Momo Nakatani

Brief Summary of Personal History

After Momo Nakatani joining Merrill Lynch in April 2001, he engaged in Sales activity for Listed Corporates in Business Corporate division. In January 2009, he joined Lehman Brothers Holdings Inc. as a member of Sales division for Listed Corporates. In January 2009, he joined RECOF, engaged in activities related to M&A to business Corporations in Coverage Group. In July 2010, he joined UBS Securities Japan Co., Ltd. engaged in mainly activities on fund raising for listed companies in Investing Banking division. In November 2012, he started Corporate Sales in Wealth Management Division Coverage Group at UBS Securities Japan Co., Ltd. In February 2014, worked on Solution Development related to M&A, Fund raising, alternative investment and business matching in Wealth Management Division. In February 2017, he joined TBM Co., Ltd.

General Manager
Eiji Mizuno

Brief Summary of Personal History

After Eiji Mizuno joined Sumitomo 3M (currently 3M Japan), he experienced projects on manufacturing technology, product development, Six Sigma, marketing, business planning, overseas sales etc. He also have an extensive experience in project management, especially in upstream processes such as launching new businesses and product development. He was based in Singapore since 2016 and worked across countries as account director of Japanese companies in Southeast Asia (Thailand, Malaysia, Indonesia, Vietnam, Philippines, and Singapore). He joined TBM Co., Ltd. in July 2018.

His Writings

“Directors in Japan” “Japan Company History”
“Great Japanese Economy after WWII”
“Kounosuke Matsushita ~the person and his business”
“Modern Management”

Supreme Advisor
Kazuo Noda

Brief Summary of Personal History

1952 Graduated from the University of Tokyo, Sociology Department (Industrial Sociology)
1953 Fellowship Researcher, Graduate School, University of Tokyo (Business Management)
1960 Post Doctoral Fellow at Massachusetts Institute of Technology
1975 Fellow at Harvard University
1981 President of Japan Research Institute (until 2001)
1985 President and Founder of New Business Conference, a non-profit organization of entrepreneurs
1989 President and Founder of Tama University [private university]
1993 Chairman of Japan Management School (to present)
1995 Honorary President of Tama University upon resignation as President (to present)
1997 President and Founder of Miyagi University [Prefectural university] (until 2001)
2001 Chairman of Japan Research Institute
2006 President of Japan Research Institute (to present)
2007 Trustee of the Graduate School of Management, Globis University
2013 Supreme Advisor of TBM Co., Ltd.

His Writings

“Klop and Make Business” (Seisansei Shuppan)
“Spirit of Kao ~Importance of Accomplishing Business~” (Seisansei Shuppan)

Technical Advisor
Tetsuya Imamura

Brief Summary of Personal History

1967 Joined Kao Co., Ltd.
1992 Director of Technical Development Division in Kao Co., Ltd.
Responsible for product development and commercialization of Floppy Disk. Market share grew to the top (15%) in 1992. Directing the R&D group , and after becoming Director of Kao Co., Ltd , directing the product development of “Econa Healthy Oil” and “Helthia Green Tea” as general manager of the Healthcare Division. Well managing the new product and intellectual property rights strategy and both products gained the largest market share.
2005 Leave Kao CO, Ltd.
2005 Fulltime Advisor of Kikkoman Co., Ltd.
2010 Advisor of Mitsui Chemical Co., Ltd.
2013 Technical Advisor of TBM Co., Ltd.

Toru Itabashi

Brief Summary of Personal History

2010 Finance fund director of JGC CORPORATION
2012 Deputy general manager of Planning Department Division
2016 Deputy general manager of Business development department
2017 Joined CM Plus Corporation as general manager of new business division
2017 Advisor of TBM Co.,Ltd