Corporate Philosophy

TBM Compass


Bridging today and the future we want.


Sustainable and circular innovations for centuries,
building on the past to create the future.


  • Out of the box Challenge
  • Not Trade off, but Trade on
  • Be the Owner
  • Backcasting for Commitment
  • Gratitude Ties Us


  • Those who build bridges learn from the past, give thought to the future and create new values. 
    They determine what should be done today, and take action immediately.
  • Those who build bridges find their own and the world's happiness beyond all sweat and tears.
    To achieve this, they absorb knowledge, seek self-improvement, and do everything possible to accomplish the work in front of them.
  • Those who build bridges take on challenges bigger than themselves.
    They humbly admit their shortcomings and continue to grow by facing the challenges of creation.
  • Those who build bridges cultivate the best balance between reality and ideal.
    They realize their client's wishes, as well as their own and their fellow's.
  • Those who build bridges create bonds among people.
    They have faith in fellows during difficult times, smile with hope, and never forget emotional movement and appreciation.



TBM Compass

"TBM Compass" is a guide that shows corporate philosophy, structured by Mission, Vision, and Values. It serves as a "compass" to prevent employees from getting lost in direction and to move forward towards the same goal.

TBM Compass (only in Japanese

Founders message

Our goal is to realize a "Sustainability Revolution."

This revolution targets more than just solving environmental issues, but to give a positive change to economic gaps and poverty.   "Sustainability Revolution" is about realizing a sustainable future, in which the next generation can live peacefully and prosper on our beautiful planet.   Agricultural, industrial, and digital revolutions, that began in the latter half of the 20th century have changed human life. There has always been new value creation and innovation, that has enabled rapid development.   We will continue to drive innovation globally with "Technology x System x Values," and take on the challenge of realizing a "Sustainability Revolution."  
​ ​
Nobuyoshi Yamasaki
Founder and CEO

Origin of company name

Times Bridge Management

TBM stands for “Times Bridge Management.” 
We will create businesses that last for centuries, and become a company that bridges the past, present, and future.

About the corporate logo

The logo design of TBM is based on the mission of TBM to be a bridge to the future. With permanence and internationality by combining modernity with movement, traditional elements with a sense of stability, Japanese motifs and alphabets.

  • [T] Horizontal movement by asymmetry, flow of time to the future
  • [B] Cycle (sustainability) and infinity by Mobius shape
  • [M] Development through achievement and innovation that draws a V-shaped trajectory

CI image movie

We have created a 30-second video to deliver our message behind the logo. 

Photograph: ©Akiko Ichikawa

Clouds Architecture Office
Masayuki Sono/Ostap Rudakevich
Based in New York, they are involved in the design of cultural facilities, public art, and space architecture using a design method that specializes in creativity that fuses the knowledge of architecture, art, and science. 2005 Staten Island, New York 9/11 Memorial International Competition Winner of the American Institute of Architects Public Architecture Award. 2015 NASA design competition winner. 2016 American Institute of Architects Interior Honor Award. 2013 Visiting professor at Pratt College of Art.

Vision Book

Sustainable Value Creation Process

The "Vision Book" summarizes TBM's thoughts, activities, and systems based on the corporate philosophy "TBM Compass" and ambitious goals "TBM Pledge 2030" in one book. 
Vision Book (only in Japanese)

Times Bridge Media

TBM owned media

Times Bridge Media delivers the organization and culture of TBM. 
Times Bridge Media (only in Japanese)

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