Smiles never seen before creates
a world that connects people.


Learning from the past to build a future.
A circular innovation that is
sustainable for more than 100 years.

  1. Those who build bridges learn of the past, give thought to the future and create new values.
    They determine what should be done today, and immediately carry it out.
  2. For those who build bridges, their own and the world's happiness lies beyond all sweat and tears.
    To achieve this, they absorb knowledge, seek self-improvement, and do everything possible to accomplish the work in front of them.
  3. Those who build bridges take on challenges bigger than themselves.
    They humbly reflect on their shortcomings and continue to grow from facing the throes of creation.
  4. Those who build bridges cultivate the best balance between reality and ideal.
    They realize their client's wishes, as well as their own and their fellow's wishes.
  5. Those who build bridges create bonds between people.
    They have faith in fellows during difficult times, smile with hope, and never forget emotional movement and appreciation.

Founder's Message

  • Let us build a bridge to the future we want.
  • A huge river is flowing in front of us right now.
    Black muddy water is crashing violently and blocking the way.
    People stop, give up crossing, and spend their days there,
    without knowing that they would reach a wonderful world if they crossed the river.
  • This is the era that we are living in,
    and if what awaits us on the other side of the river is the ideal future we should aim for,
    our job is to build a bridge on this river.
  • It will take a tremendous amount of time.
    People may not understand us easily.
    Even so, if we could finish building the bridge,
    we could contribute to mankind’s happiness 10 years,
    or even 100 years into the future.
    That is our job.

Origin of the Company's Name

Times Bridge Management

Our company name, TBM, stands for “Times Bridge Management,”
with a wish to create businesses
and technologies that prolong for centuries
and become a company that bridges the times.