November - 2008 Started Import and sale Taiwan-made stone paper.
August - 2010 Started technology development at the company.
May - 2011 Applied for patent for self-made stone paper. (LIMEX)
August - 2011 The new TBM Co., Ltd was founded at is founded in Shibadaimon, Minato, Tokyo by business transference.
March - 2012 Capital: 20 million yen.
June - 2012 Started co-development of Molding technology with Hitachi Zosen Corporation.
February - 2013 Chosen by the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry to be one of the Innovation Base Promotion Businesses to be aided by "Subsidy for Advanced Technology Demonstration and Evaluation Facility Devlopment."
March - 2013 Capital: 2 hundred 75 million yen.
August - 2013 Company moved to Akasaka Ni-chou-me, Minato-ku, Tokyo.
January - 2014 Patent Approval for self-made stone paper. (LIMEX)
February - 2014 Shiraishi Plant location agreement made at Miyagi prefecture government building. (Shiroisi city, Miyagi)
March - 2014 Capital: 499 million yen. (Including legal capital surplus)
April - 2014 Company moved to Akasaka san-Chou-me , Minato-ku,Tokyo.
July - 2014 Started construction of Shiraishi Plant.(Shiroishi city, Miyagi)
September - 2014 Capital: 1 billion 230 million yen. (Including legal capital surplus)
October - 2014 Tokyo lab was set up at Tokyo Metropolitan Industrial Technology Research Institute in Koutou-ku, Tokyo.
November - 2014 Awarded Reconstruction Award at the Ninth Nippon New Business Creation Awards opened by the chairman of Japan New Business Conferences.
February - 2015 Construction of Shiraishi Plant was completed. (Shiroishi city, Miyagi)
March - 2015 Capital: 2 billion 259 million yen. (Including legal capital surplus)
April - 2015 Company moved to Marunouchi, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo.
May - 2015 Provided LIMEX products for EXPO Milano 2015 as a sponsor.
November - 2015 The Ministry of Economy selected TBM Company Limited for a subsidy program as a new business establishment in regions recovering from the 2011 natural disaster.
November - 2015 TBM Co. Ltd received the “Special Award” of Job Creation Awards 2015.
December - 2015 An agreement was made with Takajo city for TBM Co. Ltd to establish their second industrial facility.
February - 2016 TBM Co. Ltd received ‘The Great East Japan Earthquake Reconstruction Award' of Japan Venture Awards.
February - 2016 Capital funding of TBM Co. Ltd reached $40.6 million USD (Including legal capital surplus).
May - 2016 TBM Co. Ltd collaborated with Professor Ito of Yamagata University Research Centre for Green Materials and Advanced Processing to construct a new material.
June - 2016 TBM Co. Ltd begun manufacturing LIMEX Business Cards, which were now available for purchase to the public.
June - 2016 The company begun research and development on LCA (Life Cycle Assessment) alongside The Institute of Industrial Science (Oki Lab) of The University of Tokyo.
June - 2016 LIMEX ACTION was launched, a site that exhibits the statistics of Limex contributing to a water and forest resources project.
July - 2016 The very first subsidiary company Times Bridge Management Global, Inc. was established in San Francisco.
August - 2016 A partnership was formed with the sales agency DENTSU Incorporated.
October - 2016 TBM Co. Ltd received The Social Impact Award by Plug and Plat Tech Center, the first organization to receive the awards in history.
November - 2016 Joint application development with the second largest printing company Toppan Vision 21.
March - 2017 TBM Co. Ltd and Raksul, Inc. have both begun selling LIMEX products.
March - 2017 TBM Co. Ltd has made a cooperation agreement manufacturing with JGC Corporation and NICDP. (Saudi Arabia)
April - 2017 A Stevie Asia Pacific Award was won with TBM Co. Ltd being selected for New Material Company Group.
July - 2017 TBM has been selected as one of the five top companies to participate in the innovation showcase of Japan US Innovation Awards program in 2017.
July - 2017 TBM and JCI enter basic agreement to collaborate on a solution of recycling oriented social issues throughout the use of LIMEX called “Aquaction”.
August - 2017 New Energy and Industrial Technology Development Organization adopted TBM as Strategic Energy Saving Technological Innovation Program.
October - 2017 TBM and CDP have agreed on a "Service Partnership".
November - 2017 Following “Good Design Award for 2017 Good Design Best 100” LIMEX Business Card Received a special award “Production”.
November - 2017 TBM and Ricoh have collaborated in the distribution of LIMEX sheets for POD (Print On Demand) market.
November - 2017 TBM has won "COOL JAPAN AWARD 2017".
March - 2018 TBM and Japan Blind Football Association conducted upcycling of a new material, LIMEX Sheet.
May - 2018 TBM received Red Dot Award.
May - 2018 TBM is considering a furniture laminate sheet with LIMEX.
May - 2018 TBM is considering a biodegradable LIMEX.
May - 2018 Certified as a partner of Brussels SDG Summit 2018 (sponsored by CSR Europe)
July - 2018 Food container made by LIMEX was adopted for the first time in Japan 's largest urban Marche "Marche of the Sun".
August - 2018 TBM and Sabae City, Keio University Graduate School are signed with mutual collaboration agreement aiming contribute SDGs.
August - 2018 TBM raised funds for accelerate overseas expansion from DIP Corporation and ITOCHU Corporation.
November - 2018 TBM received "Mizuho Innovation Award"
November - 2018 TBM adopted for "Acceleration course" of "JR East startup program 2018"
November - 2018 TBM received "Going-Global Innovations Competition" for Technology (Venture Technology) Division Excellence Award
November - 2018 Capital funding of TBM Co. Ltd reached 9,148 Million Yen (Including legal capital surplus).
Creating synergy with respective companies to expand a business, capital funding of TBM Co. Ltd reached 3.1 Billion Yen in aggregate.
December - 2018 TBM acquires Bioworks Corporation,
a Company that Develops Modifier for Bioplastics, as a Subsidiary.
December - 2018 TBM joined member of Japan Climate Initiative.
December - 2018 TBM announced a Shopping bag, Garbage bag and Shopping bag made with LIMEX in COP24
December - 2018 Promote recycling-based town development through LIMEX's upcycle, aiming to contribute to Kanagawa prefecture and SDGs
February - 2019 Capital funding of TBM Co. Ltd reached 10.744 Billion Yen (Including legal capital surplus).
Creating synergy with respective companies to expand a business, capital funding of TBM Co. Ltd reached 1.55 Billion Yen in aggregate.
March - 2019 TBM received Minister of METI Award, at JAPAN OPEN INNOVATION PRIZE.
March - 2019 TBM received Grand Prize, at ICI INNOVATION AWARDS.
May - 2019 Established Kanagawa Upcycle Consortium.
June - 2019 TBM recieved the Venture Company Award at 18th Green Sustainable Chemistry Award.
June - 2019 TBM Announced 100% nonpetroleum LIMEX Bag at G20 Innovation Exhibition
August - 2019 TBM started construction of the Tagajo Factory, which is a model for global expansion.
September - 2019 TBM Announced ballpoint pen "uni LIMEX" by Mitsubishi pencil.
September - 2019 Limex Mongolia LLC signed a basic agreement with the National Development Agency of Mongolia.
Started study on commercialization of LIMEX in Mongolia.
September - 2019 TBM and Hayama Town has signed agreement for Comprehensive cooperation using LIMEX in Hayama Town, Kanagawa Prefecture.
October -2019 TBM concluded a partnership agreement with Yokohama City for driving circular innovation.
October -2019 TBM signed a basic agreement with SABIC and joined the NUSANED program.
November - 2019 TBM concluded a basic agreement with Yuzi, Itochu, and XinJin on the LIMEX business in Henan, China.
November - 2019 TBM recieved "Grand Prize" for EY Entrepreneur of the Year 2019 with Exceptional Growth Category.
February - 2020 TBM started development of "Marine Biodegradable LIMEX ( as tentative name)" with Daicel Corporation.
April - 2020 TBM developed "Bio Face",A washable and reusable antibacterial face mask made of biomass-based yarn.
July - 2020 TBM has strengthen sales of "LIMEX Pellet".
July - 2020 TBM has announced "CirculeX", a new material that promotes resource recycling, containing more than 50% of recycled materials.
August - 2020 TBM introduced 100% renewable energy power to LIMEX production site.
November - 2020 Renewal of TBM CI (corporate identity) for corporate growth.
November - 2020 Capital : 13,529,930,000 yen (Including legal capital surplus). TBM created synergies with operating companies and raised a total of 2.06 billion yen.
February - 2021 Completion of Tagajo Factory. (Tagajo City, Miyagi Prefecture)
April - 2021 TBM concluded a long-term loan agreement totaling 3.62 billion yen through cofinancing of syndicated loans and equity loans.
As of June, 2021