On 26th March 2019, TBM received Grand Prize, at ICI INNOVATION AWARDS.


On 5th March 2019, TBM received Minister of METI Award, at JAPAN OPEN INNOVATION PRIZE.

Going-Global Innovation Competition

On the 14th of November, LIMEX has been awarded Excellence Award from tokyo international industry exhibition 2018, which recognizes innovative and promising new products, technologies, and services.

Mizuho Innovation Award

On 5th October 2018, TBM received the “Mizuho Innovation Award” from Mizuho Bank, Ltd. Utilizing the support received by this award, we will expand the introduction of LIMEX products while aiming for business collaboration with large enterprises.


On 22th to 24th October 2018, TBM was selected as the “ILS TOP 100 STARTUPS” to be awarded to top 100 top companies from major companies among 500 venture companies participating in power matching at ILS2018 (INNOVATION LEADERS SUMMIT), This event is the largest open innovation conference in Asia.

Red Dot Award

LIMEX received the “Red dot award: product design 2018” ( Sponsored by North Rhine Westphalia Design Center, Germany)
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TBM has won “COOL JAPAN AWARD”(held by: COOLJAPAN Association) at COOL JAPAN AWARD 2017 Awards ceremony. 26 products out of 104 have been nominated to COOL JAPAN 2017, selected by 100 foreign jury members.
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Good Design Award 2017
[Good Design Award Best 100] Special Award[Production].

LIMEX business card has been awarded a special award “Production”, considered as one of the most honorable awards to receive (Sponsored by Japan Institute Design Promotion) LIMEX business card has been highly evaluated as a result of pursuing innovative environmental performance and its design. To begin with this award, TBM will strive to expand the LIMEX business cards globally
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Japan US Innovation Awards 2017

TBM has been selected as one of the five top companies to participate in the Innovation Showcase of Japan US Innovation Awards Program in 2017.

Asia Pacific Stevie Awards
Award won: Excellence in Innovation in Manufacturing Industries and the Award for Innovation in Energy & Sustainability

On the 20th of April, At The Asia Pacific Stevie Awards we were awarded Excellence in Innovation in Manufacturing Industries and the Award for Innovation in Energy & Sustainability.

Plug and Play 2016
Award won: The first ever Social Impact Award

On the 28th of October 2016, we honorably won the first ever annual Social Impact Award, at the Plug And Play Awards in Silicon Valley, USA. This award is given to a company that has been considered as the most influential company in society.

Japan Venture Awards 2016
Award won: Reconstruction of The Great East Japan Earthquake Award

On the 10th of February 2016, the Reconstruction of The Great East Japan Earthquake Award was won at the “Japan Venture Awards 2016”. This ceremony was held by The Organization For Small & Medium Enterprises Regional Innovation Japan. It is an award that is given to a company that successfully contributes to reconstruction of the Japanese earthquake.

Job Creation 2015
Award won: Special Award

On the 6th of November 2015, TBM Co. Ltd received The Special Award at the Job Creation ceremony which was held by Ernst & Young ShinNihon LLC.

New Business Creation Award
Won "Restoration Award" of Japan

On the 20th of November, the Kanto Headquarters of the Organization for Small and Medium Enterprises and Regional Innovation (SMRJ), together with Japan New Business Conferences held the 10th National New business Forum in Shizuoka.

The 9th Japan New Business Award ceremony was given at the forum. We were awarded the “Restoration Award” by the chairman of Japan New Business Conferences. As one of the awarded enterprises of the “Restoration Award”, We will continue to work even harder to succeed in the development of the plant constructed in Shiraishi city, Miyagi.