Image of Limestone


LIMEX is a material produced from calcium carbonate (CaCO3),
which is derived from limestone,
and a small amount of polymeric resin is added as a binder.


LIMEX is a new material mainly made from limestone
that provides ecological and economical benefits.


Saves Water, Forests and Oil

By manufacturing plastic and paper alternatives with LIMEX, the amount of petroleum-based resin, wood pulp and water can be significantly reduced.

LIMEX'S feature

Stable & Affordable Price

Limestone is abundant throughout the world, therefore LIMEX can be provided at a stable price compared to petroleum-based resin and wood.

LIMEX'S feature

World-class Recognition

LIMEX is patented in over 40 countries and is registere in "STePP" (Sustainable Technology Presentation Platform) by UNIDO.

LIMEX Brand Guideline

LIMEX logo and LIMEX statement are the property of TBM. TBM grants LIMEX users to use the applicable logo and LIMEX statement only if the user uses in accordance with the terms and conditions of use. The use of any notation or expression that is deemed inappropriate by the company is prohibited.

Material Type

LIMEX has two types of products that can be used for plastic and paper alternatives.
It can be molded and printed with traditional methods and machinery.

LIMEX Pellet

LIMEX Pellet can be molded into various plastic alternative products with existing machinery. LEARN MORE >>


LIMEX Sheet can be used for various sheet products such as posters, booklets, plastic file folders. LEARN MORE >>

Case Study

LIMEX is used in over 8,000 companies and rapidly expanding.


Food Container


LIMEX Pellet

Cosmetic Container


LIMEX Pellet

Shopping Bag

(Haneda Airport)

LIMEX Pellet

Drinking Cup

(Tokyo Marathon)

LIMEX Pellet

Plastic Model


LIMEX Pellet

Backlit Film



Sticker / Label



Menu Book

(WDI Group)


Recycling LIMEX

LIMEX products can be recycled with the appropriate infrastructure. In the fall of 2022, a material recycling plant which is operated by TBM is scheduled for completion in Japan. The plant will automatically separate LIMEX from other plastics.