LIMEX as a plastic alternative

Limestone is used as the main raw material for LIMEX, so it can contribute to reducing the amount of plastic. We will collect used LIMEX products and add new value to plastic alternative LIMEX products. We are promoting "mechanical recycling" to recreate LIMEX products.

Amount of petroleum-based resin used

(Contains 60% by weight of calcium carbonate)
*When compared with the same volume

By using LIMEX, you can reduce the amount of petroleum-based plastics used.

LIMEX can be recycled as for plastic alternative products.

Features as an plastic alternative

Reduce plastic usage and
GHG emissions

Since it contains more than 50% of inorganic substances such as calcium carbonate, the amount of petroleum-based plastics used can be significantly reduced compared to conventional petroleum-based plastics. Also greenhouse gas can be reduced throughout the entire life cycle of LIMEX products.

Supply stability
Low price fluctuation risk

Limestone is a resource that exists abundantly all over the world, so it has superior supply stability compared to petroleum-based plastics, and can be offered at a stable price with little price fluctuation.

No need to buy new 
machinery and equipments

LIMEX is applicable to many molding methods such as thermoforming, injection, and inflation without any special machinery. Fabless model supply chain can be built both in Japan and overseas.

Bio LIMEX, limestone and plant-based resin

BioLIMEX, which replaces petroleum-based plastics with bio-based materials, is designed to reduce greenhouse gas emissions such as CO2. It was used at the G20 Osaka Summit held in June 2019 as a garbage bags.

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