LIMEX as paper alternative

LIMEX, which is mainly made of limestone, is a material that can be used as an alternative to paper. Compared to paper, LIMEX can reduce the amount of water used in factories per ton of sheet by approximately 97%. It can be used for various purposes such as packaging, business cards, booklets and table menus.
LIMEX Sheet products are as easy to recycle, and there are many recycling cases. LIMEX Sheet products are combustible and can be incinerated, but we are working to recycle them as resources instead of disposing of them as waste.

*LIMEX Sheet products should not be mixed with waste paper collection in the same way as thermal paper such as receipts, carbon paper, sublimation transfer paper, thermal foam paper, synthetic paper, etc.

Amount of water used in factories

(weight basis)
*These are calculated values for reference, not guaranteed values. The figures are subject to change depending on the formulation, manufacturing conditions, and data acquisition status of each product.
(Source) Trends in fresh water usage per ton of paper and paperboard production: Japan Paper Association
(Source) Value obtained by dividing annual water usage at the Shiroishi Plant (excluding 15% domestic water) by annual production volume Unit water supply amount, hours of use, personnel table")

Features as an paper alternative

Save water and forest

The manufacturing process uses almost no water resources and does not use wood pulp, contributing to the conservation of resources that are at high risk of depletion.

Excellent durability and water-proof

Because it is more durable and water resistant than paper, it does not require lamination and is suitable for repeated use such as menus and maps.

High-quality texture and clear printing

It features a matte, high-quality texture and excellent color reproducibility.

Difference from stone paper

LIMEX is a composite material developed by TBM in Japan. There is a synthetic paper using limestone called stone paper developed by a Taiwanese manufacturer, but LIMEX has a different basic patent from stone paper. 

material name Intermediate product name Usage Printed matter (business cards) vacuum molding
(food container)
Injection molded product
(smartphone case)
(plastic bag)
Country of manufacture/Country of origin of limestone
LIMEX LIMEX Pellet plastic alternative × Japan/Vietnam
LIMEX LIMEX Sheet paper alternative × Japan/Vietnam
none stone paper paper alternative × × Taiwan/China

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