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About CirculeX

CirculeX is a material that contains more than 50% recycled material.
Since it can be combined with a variety of recycled materials,
we can develop flexible materials to meet our customers' needs.

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CirculeX is a recycled material mainly
made from used plastic products.

LIMEX'S feature

Reduce Plastic Waste

By utilizing plastic products as raw material for CirculeX, the amount of plastic waste that ends up in landfill sites and ocean can be reduced.

LIMEX'S feature

Reduce Greenhouse Gas

Compared to using virgin plastic, CirculeX can contribute in reducing oil usage and CO2 emission.

LIMEX'S feature

Ensure Traceability

Our network of many recyclers allows us to ensure traceability in Japan and abroard.

Material Type

We can provide a variety of recycled materials according to customer requirements.

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Type of pellets are

Case Study

Products made with CirculeX are delivered to a wide audience.



Waste bag


Packaging Material


Logistics Pallet

Contributing to a Circular Economy

The world is facing environmental problems due to plastic waste. Governments around the world are taking various measures to solve the problem. Recently, dirty plastic waste has been added to the scope of regulations under the "Basel Convention", an international treaty that defines hazardous waste and regulates imports and exports. This increased the need for domestic resource recycling. With CirculeX and LIMEX, TBM believes that we can contribute to solving the plastic waste problem.