What is LIMEX

LIME Limestone, almost inexhaustible, a materialoverlooked for a long time is now making splendid success.Yes, the future has already begun. Our Earth, the planet of stones. LIMEX made from Limestone.<br>Limestone reserve is abundant, and is a natural resource 100% self-sufficient in Japan.In the world the limestone reserves are abundant as well, and due to its high recycling capability, it is nearly inexhaustible.Abundant, common, not precious natural resource makes it possible to save our future. That is what we believe. Limestone reducing the consumption of paper Paper consumption is estimated to double in 2030.<br>If LIMEX partially replaces paper, it will lead to saving forests and reducing water usage. Limestone, protecting forests and water 1 ton of paper is made from ca. 20 trees and uses 100 tons of water.1 ton of LIMEX is made from 0.8 ton of Limestone and 0.2 ton of polyethylene, with high recycling capability compared to paper. X LIMEX can be used as paper and plastic, a versatile new material that will support our daily life world-wide.