The earth is the planet of water. The earth is the planet of life. But it is not only that. The earth is also the planet of stone. On the earth there is one material can be supplied unlimitedly. That is stone. If paper can be made from stone, paper will be more durable and convenient. But not only paper, if more materials were to be made from stone then fossil fuels will bring to us without relying on water or trees a life style where things can be re-used over and over again. Stone used to be tools for hunting or cooking. They were also used as weapons. And also they were used as a media for conveying messages. So far humanbeings has been very familir to stone. It is now that we should re-examine the value of stone. It is time we had bet on stone. Plenty of stone can be found on the earth. To create possibility X from limestone, that is LIME, which still does not exist anywhere on the earth is the mission of LIMEX. The log symbol, stands for that a world full of possibility will be created from stone, which was broken by the powerful X. LIMEX will bring us a future starting from stone.
Paper alternative product has made from limestone contain
a similar material used for stone paper but TBM invented
own manufacture process to create one and only limestone paper.


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